Kitchen Cabinets 101

Choosing the Door Style for Your Kitchen Cabinets 

There are many things to consider when making decisions about the design of your kitchen cabinets. Cabinetry is perhaps the most important element of a kitchen, and will determine many of your other design choices. The door style of your kitchen cabinets will have the largest influence on the look of your cabinets, but with all of the options out there it can be difficult to know which style is right for you. Understanding the differences between different door styles can help you narrow down your options and make your final decision.

The Basics of Kitchen Cabinets: Frame and Panel

There is a surprising number of different parts to a kitchen cabinet door, and while there are exceptions, typically the two most basic and important parts are the frame and panel. The frame is the four-sided structure which holds the panel; the panel is the center part of the door. Sometimes, the area where the top of the frame and the panel meet has a particular shape or detail; this is what usually identifies the type of frame. The type of frame in turn influences the door style. The three most common frame types are:

  • Square – The frame and panel is completely square on all four sides.
  • Arched – The top part of the frame is smoothly arched, giving the panel a rounded top.
  • Cathedral – This style is similar to the arched style, however the curve is not smooth, and more elaborate.

The panel also has a role to play in determining your door style. Panels can usually be characterized as either flat or raised. Flat panels, as their name suggests, are flat and usually have little detail. Raised panels have a raised center and detail where the panel meets the frame.

Various Styles

While the main frame and panel types can be found in any type of kitchen cabinets from traditional to modern, some do lend themselves to certain styles better than others. Some of the most basic (and popular) door styles are:

  • Shaker – Shaker doors are typically characterized by a square frame and flat panel. Because of the simple, clean lines, shaker doors are a popular choice for modern and traditional kitchens alike.
  • Raised Panel – This style takes its name from the raised center. These doors can have any type of frame, but an arched or cathedral frame will create more detail. This is a good option for a more traditional look and feel.
  • Slab – Slab style doors have not frame, are basically just one, flat panel. This very simplistic and clean look is a great style if you’re going for a contemporary design.
  • Mullion – Mullion doors have glass inserts rather panels. They can come in any frame style, and even have many different options for the glass itself. These doors are usually only used on a few cabinets as an artistic accent to the design. They work well in kitchens of any style.

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Choosing a Line of Cabinetry

Landmark Cabinetry: A blend of quality and value

Landmark is a line of framed cabinetry from Tedd Wood. This collection offers an economical solution for homeowners who don’t want to sacrifice quality and personalization. The cabinets themselves are built to order with solid wood construction, and with a wide range of options for cabinets, door styles, finishes, and accessories, you can create the kitchen of your dreams while staying within your budget.

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Luxury Line – Versatility and Style

Luxury Line is Tedd Wood’s line of full access (frameless) cabinetry. It is one of our favorite lines of cabinetry because it is a perfect blend of customization, quality, function, and style. The frameless construction means that you get a larger and more accessible amount of storage space for the same cabinet size, and with a wide array of different options for door styles, accessories, cabinets, and finishes, this line is highly customizable to give you the look and function you desire.

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Tedd Wood Custom – For the discriminating homeowner

Tedd Wood Custom is Tedd Wood’s most versatile line of cabinetry. The framed, solid wood construction is unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship, and is made to order. This line blends a virtually endless range of possibilities with your tastes and needs to create the functional and personalized kitchen that you’ve always wanted.

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