Caring for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets need to be cared for on a regular basis due to their exposure to moisture, dust and debris, and other messes due to food preparation. It is also recommended to keep cabinetry, especially wood cabinetry, in certain conditions to insure their beauty and longevity. Read below for some tips on how to care for your cabinets. We always recommend that you speak to your cabinet manufacturer for specific care instructions prior to starting any care regimen.

If your cabinets are new, and this is true for all new furniture, they need to be acclimated to your home prior to installation. After installation, it can take up to six months for the finish on your cabinets to cure to their maximum performance properties. Avoid dragging items across the surface during this time. Ideally, wood cabinets should be kept in an environment of 45%-55% humidity, and around 70°F. Too much variation in temperature and humidity can cause expansion and contraction, which will damage your cabinets.

Everyday Cabinet Maintenance

Spills, splatters, and water spots should be wiped up immediately to avoid permanent marks and damage to the surface. Do not hang damp dish cloths or hand towels on the door or side of the cabinet, as this moisture could also damage the surface.

Kitchen Cabinets should be dusted and cleaned on a regular basis. Like furniture, cabinets should be dusted regularly with a soft cloth, such as cotton or microfiber that has been moistened with polish; we do not recommend using water, as the moisture can damage the cabinets and their finish. Avoid dry dusting, as debris and grit on the surface of the cabinet can cause scratching. Try to follow the grain of the wood, as wiping against the grain may also cause light scratches.


Cabinets should be cleaned with a soft cloth and appropriate cleaner. Soap and water could leave a film on the cabinet and harm the finish. Do not use glass cleaners, oven cleaners or other caustic products, or aerosol sprays containing silicone or wax, as these will also damage the finish. We recommend you contact your cabinet manufacturer and ask them what cleaners they suggest. Some may even provide a care kit that you can use.

Minor Repairs

From time to time, you may experience minor scratches, chips, etc. If this happens, your cabinet manufacturer should provide touch-up kits to repair this minor damage.

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