Caring for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring should be cared for on a regular basis to insure it retains its beauty and durability. Since it is a wood product, it should be kept under consistent temperature and lower humidity to prevent expansion and contraction. We recommend contacting the manufacturer of your hardwood floors for specific instructions before starting a care regimen.

Everyday Maintenance

Wipe up spills and messes immediately to prevent permanent stains and keep excess moister from seeping into the floor. Keep moisture away from the floor as much as possible; do not leave wet items on the floor, and use barriers to protect the floor if you know moisture is going to be tracked through. Keep pets’ nails trimmed to prevent scratching, and use area rugs in places that experience heavy traffic. Also avoid overexposure to sunlight, as this can discolor hardwood over time.


Daily dusting is the easiest yet most often overlooked way to make sure your floors stay beautifyl for years to come. Daily dusting prevents particulate matter from scratching, staining, and otherwise damaging the finish; it also reduces allergens in your home, making for a more confortable environment. Try using a soft material such as microfiber, and dusting with the pattern of the grain. This ensures you pick up the most dust, and keeps grit from scratching the floor as it brushes against the grain.


Weekly cleaning is recommended, especially if you have pets. Use a cleaner specifically for hardwood flooring, and avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives, which can damage the finish. Vinegar and water will both dull the floor’s finish over time. Avoid using soap or wax, as they will leave residue. DO NOT use steam cleaners on a hardwood floor; this will cause cupping. We recommend you use a microfiber or other soft material for cleaning.


It is recommended that you polish hardwood floors around every three months. This protects your floors and restores their luster. Some polishes even fill in microscratches that occur over time. Consult your manufacturer for their recommendations.

Minor Repairs

While significant damage should be handled by a professional, minor scratches and surface-level damage to the finish can often be touched up; many manufacturers carry touch-up kits for this purpose.


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